Since social distancing began, Baxter’s Field has remained open for people to enjoy fresh air in a beautiful space. 2 metre markers have been chalked on the pathway plus display notices asking non -family people to keep their distance.

It has been a boon for families with children especially for those who have no gardens. There have been many people exercising in all different ways: sun bathing (getting much needed vitamin D), playing games and sketching.

Initially we couldn’t get the grass cut but eventually our contractors – Barcombe Landscapes – were able to come and that made the field look even more inviting. It is lovely to see small babies crawling around on the freshly cut grass.


Sadly the field has also suffered from littering and we ask everyone to clear up after their visit. One fence was also smashed to pieces. Everyone needs to help be vigilant in this beautiful space.

We have a number of small trees but these are not for branches to be snapped off. There are plenty of sticks lying around which can be played with without damaging trees.


A rowan tree was planted by Sheila Kent’s family and it has just come into leaf. We all miss Sheila very much and this tree means a great deal to us because of her long-term support for the field.


A number of fund raising events had been planned and will happen when it becomes possible. Please come and support these as it is now going to be even more difficult for small charities like Baxter’s Field to raise funds.

If this is the first time you have used Baxter’s Field please think about becoming a member. Details and application forms are on this web site.

We are also part of the Lewes Lottery Fund but at the moment we only have 7 people buying tickets. Details on how to support us in this way are also available on this site.

It is hoped we can re-instate our monthly Sunday morning sessions soon as there is much work needed to be done in keeping the field maintained. All work is done by volunteers including litter clearance (thanks to Liz Thomas), locking up each evening (thanks to Harriet Wilson, Heather Robinson, Michael Cotgrove and Liz Thomas) and opening each morning (thanks to Fran Whittle).