Conditions of Entry to Baxter’s Field

Welcome to Baxter’s Field, which is owned by members of the community for use by the community. It is managed and maintained entirely by volunteers and we ask that you help to protect and preserve it for all to enjoy. Regrettably, due to past experience, we have had to spell out some specific rules. 

Entry to this PRIVATE FIELD is subject to the following terms and conditions, which must be observed by ALL persons entering Baxter’s Field.

  • Entry by main or disabled gates only Entry into the field may only be made through the main gate located at the top of Paddock Road at the junction with Ireland’s Lane, De Montfort Road, and Bradford Road or by the easy access gate lower down on Bradford Road. Climbing over fences / walls around the perimeter of the field is not permitted by the company, and will therefore be considered trespass and illegal entry.
  • Entry during daylight hours only Entry to and use of Baxter’s Field is limited to daylight hours when the main gates are open, unless a prior booking has been made for hire of the field for a specific period, and this period has been displayed on the notice board and the main gate, prior to the time shown on that notice. Use of the field is limited to recreational and sporting purposes only. 
  • No wheels, except pushchairs and wheelchairs Only wheelchairs, perambulators (prams) and push-chairs/buggies may be brought into the field, and then only when accompanied by an adult. All other wheeled equipment, sports or otherwise, is specifically forbidden from being used in the field. 
  • No fires or loud music Fires and barbeques (including portable barbeques) are strictly forbidden at all times, as is amplified music, and any portable music or radio listening device may only be used with headphones / earphones. 
  • No dogs Dogs and other domestic animals are not allowed in Baxter’s Field, whether accompanied or unaccompanied, and if so found may be disposed of accordingly. 
  • No climbing trees, walls or fences – keep to the grassy area Do not climb the boundary walls/fences or climb on the trees. The company takes no responsibility if you choose to ignore this warning. Large trees shed their branches and these may give way unexpectedly. Please keep strictly to the mown grass areas of this field, which are for recreational and sporting activities only. Access to the fenced off areas is strictly forbidden for your own safety. Wild flowers and plants, other than in the mown areas, should not be picked nor the branches of living trees broken. Please help to protect our plants, bushes and trees – they are your heritage.
  • Tidy your litter  Large amounts of litter from booked picnics and parties must be bagged and removed from the Field. Small amounts may be recycled or deposited in the receptacles provided, and all areas must be cleared after use. Please note that the cleaning and maintenance of this field is done by volunteers, and therefore your assistance in this matter is expected.
  • No camping Camping, overnight stays, and the erection of any equipment or machinery are all strictly forbidden.
  • No golf or other hazardous games Ball games allowed in the field do not include golf, while stoolball and rounders may only be played when the field is booked for that specific activity. All other ball games must be played with soft balls and only within the mown grass area of the field. 
  • Leave when locking up begins Verbal notice will be given prior to the gates being locked. All persons must vacate the field within this notice period and no discussions may be entered into otherwise. Persons found to be in the field after the main gates have been closed will be considered to be trespassing and liable to prosecution. In certain cases the police may be called to eject trespassers. 
  • Reasonable behaviour Visitors must display reasonable behaviour at all times in the field, showing consideration and respect for the field and other visitors. Specifically, any abuse directed towards Baxter’s Field Company members or directors will not be tolerated.