W E Baxter Ltd Printers

In 1923 the current owner of The Field, Mr H J Powell sold the field, less the copse, to W E Baxter Ltd, a Lewes printing firm.  He imposed a covenant that Baxter Ltd would not erect on the land, any other building than a pavilion, to be used to extend the enjoyment of the field for recreational purposes.  In 1928 Mr Powell conveyed by deed of gift to the parochial Church Council of St Anne, Lewes, the copse area (now called the Tythe Copse) at the top of the field, subject to and with the benefit of the lease to W E Baxter Ltd.
The Baxter’s Field Company was incorporated on the first of October 2003, based on the original concept of The Baxter’s Field Trust, which had submitted a successful bid of £78,000, to purchase The Field, put together with pledges received from residents.  The purchase was completed on December 22nd 2003 and The Field was opened to the public on June 27th 2004.

Tythe Copse

The Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association can be found here.
Community history is often soon forgotten, and in Lewes there are already examples of buildings and land left to the people of Lewes for specific purposes, which are no longer being used in that way.  The Baxter’s Field Company wish to keep the land they own and the copse they lease safe from any development, for the people of Lewes to enjoy for many years to come.
The Baxter’s Field Company is a registered charity and relies upon the generous donations of individuals.  Some Lottery funding has helped with the construction of fences and a nature walk through the Tythe Copse.