Booking Terms


Before completing the booking form please read these T&C. If you are not going to be present at the event, it is essential that you pass these T&C to who ever will be in charge, BEFORE your booking is made. This will help your event to run smoothly, and without putting our volunteers in difficult situations. 


Please understand that Baxter’s Field is a large open space with no facilities such as water or electricity. Please use the field, just as it is – not in any other way. It is a beautiful space for you and your friends to enjoy. 

Dogs and Bicycles are not allowed in Baxters Field at any time 

  • CLEANING / CLEARING UP Please leave the condition of the field as you would wish to find it. You must clear up everything you have brought in and remove all litter from the field. Bags of litter must be removed, not left by the main gate. 
  • DAMAGE You will be legally responsible for any damage to the field, its vegetation, trees and fences, e.g. marking of trees for boundaries is not permitted. You are legally responsible for injury to persons attending your event. 
  • DEPOSIT A refundable Agreed Damage Deposit, paid with the booking fee, will be retained should any damage occur or there is disregard of any of these terms and conditions. It will also be retained should the event be cancelled. 
  • STEWARDS Before accepting your booking The Company will wish to agree the number of stewards you will need, depending on the nature of your event and numbers expected. Your stewards will be responsible for excluding casual visitors to the field during your event or asking people to leave as your booking begins. 
  • NOTICES As soon as your booking is made it will be entered on the list of ‘Special Events’ on the notice board and also a notice will be on the gates early on the day of your event stating the time of closure to the general public. You must ensure that these notices remain in place during your event. 
  • MUSIC The appropriate music licences have to be acquired by the Company, therefore no music of any kind may be played in the field without their permission. Amplified music will never be allowed. The cost of the music licences for an event will be added to the booking fee. 
  • BARBECUES (£10.00 extra hire charge and please read barbecue notes) With written permission of the Company, you may ONLY have a barbecue IN THE DESIGNATED AREA. You cannot decide to have the barbecue in any other area 
  • TOILET FACILITIES Should you need to bring in a portable toilet (portaloo) there is a concrete slab inside the main gate, which you will be shown. Any arrangements to bring in a toilet outside of your booking time must be made with The Company beforehand. There are public toilets not far away in Western Road. 
  • GENERAL NOTES Do not unload equipment over the fencing or throw things down the bank. The only entrances are through the two official gates. You should assess what trolleys you may need to bring in equipment. Please use only biodegradable decorations etc. Please keep out of the fenced areas and off the banks as indicated and do not allow children to climb in, up, or break off tree branches. It is not permitted to dig any holes. 
  • During the week there are strict parking regulations in Bradford Road. Free parking is available on both sides of the road at weekends. There is no parking near the Main Gate. The better the description you can give us of your event – the activities you are planning and the equipment you want to use – the better we can advise you as to what is acceptable or if necessary, suggest mutually agreed alternatives. 
  • Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may render the hiring void and the event cancelled forthwith

All work in The Baxter’s Field is done by volunteers
Please respect their effort in making this private field available for your enjoyment